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Helping Victims of Crime & Tragedy


Brandon Clewis started Tarheel Trauma Techs, LLC to provide specialty clean-up for individuals involved in horrific and tragic circumstances. Through his job as a paramedic, he saw a need to help people in dealing with traumatic settings and crime scene cleaning.

With full licensing and insurance for the proper pollution insurance for this type of work, our well-equipped team of professional cleaners eliminate blood and bio hazards  restoring the scene quickly and competently. This highly-trained team of cleaning and decontamination technicians includes EMT s, paramedics, firefighters and even doctors.

Aside from trauma scenes, our technicians have professional experience in handling hoarding scenarios in homes and on properties. This type of work does not suit everyone, so Tarheel Trauma Techs, LLC only hires those with the constitution to handle it. Trust Tarheel Trauma Techs, LLC to completely recover any scene or situation that you face.