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Tarheel Trauma Techs Blood Clean Up

Crime and Trauma Scene Cleanup

Crime & Trauma Scene Cleanup

We specialize in the confidential cleanup of trauma scenes like suicide, homicide and natural deaths. Our professionally-trained staff even cleans up and restores decomposition’s, accidents and other trauma or medically-related incidents. Regardless of the setting, we have the experience to handle public locations like hotels, constructions sites and industrial locales. If it takes place in a private home, we can travel to the location and restore it back to normal in an efficient and timely manner.

• Licensed & Insured
• Confidential & Discrete 24hr Service

Tarheel Trauma Techs Hoarder Cleanups

Hoarder Cleanups

OCD/Hoarder Clean Outs

Taking on a hoarding situation involves certain stresses, so we perform in a specialized and strictly confidential manner to ensure discreet, professional and timely results, regaining control of personal space and proper organization.


Tarheel Trauma Techs Decontamination Technicians

Law Enforcement Services
Public Safety Services often call on our services for specialized cleanups.
• Decontamination of holding cells
• Vehicle cleanup from blood & bodily fluids